Both cars tend to find themselves at the top of the sales charts both in Toronto and in Canada, and when you take a deeper look at both vehicles it’s easy to understand why.

Both vehicles, the all-new 2017 Elantra as well as the 2016 Honda Civic, have been completely redesigned recently. They feature a host of premium and modern technologies in the connectivity, safety and efficiency departments, and both offer a refined design that stands out. So how to choose between each model in Toronto?

2017 Hyundai Elantra or 2016 Honda Civic in Toronto, which is best for you?

Comparing the 2017 Elantra and 2016 Honda Civic is difficult, namely because, as stated previously, these are two very good vehicles. That said, the 2017 Elantra is the newer of the two, and features an exclusive feature pertaining to the materials used in its design.

Indeed, the 2017 Hyundai Elantra uses a very high percentage of high-strength steel in its design. This is made possible by the fact that Hyundai, aside from making vehicles, is also a steel producer, and it is therefore possible for Hyundai vehicles to use this advanced steel at a reduced price.

Having such materials in the structure of the 2017 Elantra in Toronto means that the car is a lot stiffer than its competition. A stiff vehicle behaves better on the road and also happens to be quieter and more comfortable. Better yet, it is in a better position to protect its occupants in the event of a crash.

Another great quality of the 2017 Elantra compared to the 2016 Civic in Toronto is the exceptional interior. When you have a look at the exemplary finish of the cockpit and the refined materials used to build it, it’s no surprise that Hyundai finished first among all automakers in J.D. Power’s most recent initial quality study.

Fuel consumption is another area where the 2017 Elantra shines. Its 2.0-liter engine delivers 147 horsepower while averaging 6.3 liters per 100 kilometers in combined use. The Civic also does very well in the fuel economy department.

No question, these are two great vehicles for buyers in the Toronto region. To learn more about the 2017 Hyundai Elantra, contact us today at Gyro Hyundai!