It’s been quite a while since Hyundai unveiled the 2018 Hyundai Accent. It was actually at this year’s Toronto International Auto Show back in February, and since then we have been waiting for Hyundai’s next generation subcompact vehicle. Well, it’s about to arrive on the market, so we thought it was the right time to have a look at the new Hyundai’s most interesting features.

The fifth-generation 2018 Hyundai Accent is inspired by the new Elantra

The Hyundai Elantra was the first Hyundai model to feature the Korean automaker’s SuperStructure, a platform that improves not only safety, but also comfort and driving pleasure.

The new 2018 Hyundai Accent will feature a similar frame that is constructed from 54.5 % high-strength steel. The idea behind using this type of steel is that it makes the structure a lot more rigid which leads to improved resistance which in turn improves safety while also making the vehicle feel more stable and solid. That in turn improves comfort and performance, and in general it makes the owner feel more at ease behind the wheel of his or her vehicle.

In terms of technologies, the 2018 Hyundai Accent will be packed with them. A 7.0-inch screen will include a rear-view camera as well as the latest connectivity technologies such as Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

Under the hood, the 2018 Hyundai accent will be powered by a 1.6-liter, four-cylinder engine that, according to Hyundai, will deliver 132 horsepower and 119 pound-feet of torque. That’s slightly less than the current Accent, but because of a host of improvements the new Accent will feel quicker on its feet while also being more fuel-efficient.

The first model to hit the market will be the Hyundai Accent sedan which will be followed by a Hyundai Accent Hatchback early in 2018.

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