Gyro Hyundai Spa 360°

Looking to restore the shine and luster of your prized Hyundai? Trust the experts at Gyro Hyundai Spa 360°!

Gyro Hyundai Spa 360° is a full-service vehicle detailing and reconditioning program designed to keep your Hyundai looking newer longer, enhancing the unique driving experience that is Hyundai. We are committed to offering quality Full Circle Service to our valued vehicle owners. Our Spa 360° appearance program is designed to maintain the showroom look and feel of your vehicle's interior and exterior month after month, year after year. We offer a variety of detailing solutions to meet your needs. At Gyro Hyundai, our promise is that every Hyundai meets not only our high standards and expectations, but yours as well. Additional services may be available. Please ask your service advisor if there is a specific service you would like that is not included.

We recommend leaving your vehicle at Gyro Hyundai for it's ''Spa'' day. For special arrangement requests, please consult with your Service Advisor.

Spa 360°


$299.95 +HST


$349.95 +HST


  • Complete meticulous hand wash and drying of your vehicle
  • Removal of bugs and tar
  • Cleaning of tires and rims
  • Cleaning of door jambs along with trunk and hood seams
  • Dress tires
  • Undercarriage wash and flush
  • Strip off old wax from painted surfaces
  • Decontaminate painted surfaces with a specialized restoration process
  • Polish application to the exterior painted surfaces
  • Pressure wash wheel well openings and rocker panels
  • Lubricate door locks and hinges
  • Clay Bar contamination removal process for exterior paint
  • Clean and dress engine compartment
  • Clean inner door seams


  • Vacuum carpeted floor areas and mats
  • Clean dash and instrument panels
  • Clean console
  • Clean interior glass and mirror surfaces
  • Deodorize interior cabin
  • Shampoo floor mats
  • Vacuum trunk and spot-treatment stains
  • Clean glass surfaces
  • Complete interior shampoo
  • Clean and treat leather and vinyl surfaces
  • Apply fabric protector