Hyundai EValuate

Introducing EValuate –a test drive experience like no other.

Introducing the Hyundai Evaluate program, powered by Turo – Canada’s largest car sharing platform. When it comes to owning an electric vehicle, a standard test drive just isn’t enough. That’s why we’re offering an experience to get to know our electric vehicles. Simply book one of our EVs, to see how it fits your lifestyle. If you decide to purchase an EV from Hyundai, we’ll apply a rebate to cover most of the rental fee against the purchase price. Because we believe that before you plug into electric, you should feel that electric is plugged into you.

Ready to hit the road?

Get $25 in EV charging credits with ChargeHub.

Hyundai and Turo have teamed up with ChargeHub to take your EValuate test drive to the next level.  Receive $25 in charging credits on the ChargeHub app with each EValuate booking on Turo.  ChargeHub simplifies EV charging with a network of over 8,500 charging stations across Canada so you can plug in with peace of mind.


Try an EV, before you buy an EV.

EValuate allows you to rent it, drive it, live with it and when you’re ready to commit to one of our electric vehicles, we’ll offset most, if not all the rental fee against the purchase price.

Find your perfect EV
EValuate lets your rent an electric vehicle of your choice for 2-5 days. 
Easy Booking 
Booking is easy through the Turo app. You may cancel for free up to 24 hours before your trip. 
Drive it like you own it
This is your opportunity to explore all the benefits of an electric vehicle before buying an electric vehicle. Explore the lifestyle of owning an EV, see how far you can go, and when you're done, return it. Pressure free. 

How it works

If you’ve ever wanted to go electric, this is your chance to test it out. Contact us for more information and to take you through every step of the process.

Select your dealer
Enter a location and choose Gyro Hyundai - we will then take you our EV's available through Turo to find your vehicle. Next, select an available date. 
Pick it up
Pick up to your EV straight from Gyro Hyundai. We'll make sure it's cleaned and sanitized as if you're buying new. 
Take it home
Drive it up town, downtown and out of town for up to 5 days. This is your chance to experience what your life would look like owning an EV.  
Return the vehicle
When you're done with the vehicle, return it back to your local dealership. If you're ready to make the switch to electric, we'll give you a purchase discount to offset most, if not all the rental cost.

Are you ready to get started?

Your new EV is just a few clicks away.

Evaluate lets you try electric before going all electric. We'll help match you to the electric vehicle of your choice from the comfort of your home. Contact us to find out more.